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The Roadium Just Revealed Its Fall-Winter Drive-in Schedule

Just because summer is ending doesn't mean the big outdoor films will wrap at the Torrance open air market.

The Roadium Open Air Market

What to Know

  • Sept. 4, 5, 11, Oct. 10, Nov. 14, Dec. 11
  • Torrance
  • $25 per car (covering everyone inside)

Drive-in movie theaters are synonymous with summertime, according to the cinema, popular culture, books, and just about everyone who wants to form an opinion about the matter.

Think of any time you've seen an under-the-stars, lots-of-cars set-up: Crickets are cricketing, people are in warm-weather wear, and the heat is hot.

And yet, in some places, say, like Southern California, spending time outdoors nearly year-round is possible and pleasurable. Which makes a chillier trip to the drive-in a beautiful thing to do when things are feeling brisk.

The Roadium Open Air Market in Torrance has embraced this notion, and knows the fans for its popular summertime drive-in line-up would love to see some flicks as the nights get longer and the air grows cozy-up-ier.

With that in mind, the find-everything-and-more destination just released its fall-winter drive-in schedule.

There are three films in September, even before summer ends, and if you're a fan of The Pink Ladies and Greased Lightning, or a Hakuna Matata approach to life, you'll want to secure your tickets. (Yep, it's "Grease" we're talking about, and the animated version of "The Lion King.")

"Ghostbusters" crosses the streams in early October, "Ratatouille" has us dreaming of sumptuous feasts in November, and "Polar Express" is the December flick. These last three films are one-night-only happenings, as is "The Lion King" ("Grease" will play over two nights).

Are you already planning on what bundle-up comfies you'll wear? The kind of snuggly togs you can't rock at the summertime drive-in?

Oh yes. This is the point on the calendar when we long to wear scrunchy socks and cardigans but the thermometer advises us against it.

And, of course, you'll bring a binky, one for your kids and one for the grown-ups.

For every blanket everywhere magically transforms into a binky for the length of a drive-in film, especially if the binky in question is giving you comfort and cheer while you watch a favorite film from the passenger seat.

A $25 ticket is good for one vehicle and everyone in it.

But getting your ticket before fall's breezes turn crisper? It's as wise as not thinking of the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man when you're trying to keep your mind empty.

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