The Sprinkles S'moreo Makes a Super-Short Return

We're not joshing on the "super-short" part; you'll have two days to snag this popular cookie-meets-cracker cupcake.


What to Know

  • Order on Sept. 14 or 15
  • Pick up or go delivery on Sept. 18 or 19
  • $4.99

We don't know what to tell you.

We mean, National Oreo Day happened over six months ago, and we wrapped our s'mores-based bashes on Aug. 10, which happens to be the date of the sticky sweet's countrywide celebration.

But that doesn't mean we aren't still craving the Stuf-filled cookies, or melty marshmallows on chocolate-goopy graham crackers. And, while we're at it, a well-made cupcake would be nice, seeing as how it is still very much 2020 and all, a year made for quality cupcake consumption.

Sprinkles, the boutique cupcakery, understands our fervent wish, that a trio of dessert icons should be smooshed together, elegantly and with style, in one single treat.

And thus there is the S'moreo, which boasts elements of Oreo cookies, of classic s'mores tastes, and, yes, cupcakes, too (in fact, the whole shebang arrives in easy-to-hold, easy-to-eat cupcake form).

The S'moreo, however, is a now-and-then confection at SoCal-started company, which means this: When the treat comes back around, you'll want to move fast, as fast as it takes to gently turn two Oreo cookies in opposite directions, a timeless act that allows cookie fans quicker access to the center Stuf.

That's fast, we know, but here it is: You can order your S'moreos on Sept. 14 and 15 for pick up on Sept. 18 or 19 (and, yep, delivery is okay, too).

Again: You'll want to order pronto. Eat your S'moreo as slowly as you like once you have it in hand, but request it quickly.

As for what exactly is in it?

Sprinkles says this: It's an "Oreo® cookie lined chocolate chip studded dark chocolate cake, filled with vanilla buttercream topped with toasted chocolate marshmallow and a chocolate ganache drizzle."

Why can't all desserts we love pair up with other different desserts to create a mash-up of three desserts that go really well together?

S'moreo, please feel free to lead the next wave of super-decadent delectables.

If you miss the S'moreo window, be not blue, dear cupcake fans: Sprinkles also has a nifty Bake Box for sale, which brims with bites like brownies, cookies, and, oh yes, frosting shots, too.

Details? Mmm. Checking out what the Bake Box looks like? It's pictured above.

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