The Time Is Meow: Cat Café May Purr in LA

The popular feline sip-and-pet spots could head SoCal's way.

There are approximately 1,009,803 good ideas in the world that have not yet seen their time come, due to a variety of factors. Those factors might include funding, organization, and public readiness to jump on board with something new and a little outlandish.

Then there's the occasional idea that's so primed for going wide it can be hard to believe it isn't already in full flower. Take the concept of a cat café in Los Angeles. You've likely heard of the popular cafés, or seen them on cable shows, visited them in Tokyo or Europe, or perhaps you've spent hours combing the internet finding out who exactly you can write to bring one to Southern California.

Because they are, at their heart, about people sipping tea, eating pastries, and petting cats in a café-type setting.

In the annals of pleasant things, those three acts, for many humans, is so far off the pleasant-ranking charts it practically deserves a new and better annal.

But the idea's time is nigh: There's a Kickstarter to bring a cat café to LA, reports LA Weekly, and just wait for the name: Catfe.

We hate to even type any more words after that, because, well, Catfe. Yes.

Carlos Wong is the gentleman behind the campaign, a push that's looking for some $350,000 to get going. Adoptions and shelter cats'll get the spotlight, says the Kickstarter page, and all in-café cats will have their own shelter, away from food preparation, per a city council directive.

Human patrons will have to wash their hands ahead of any feline cuddling, too.

You might have heard last month that San Francisco is getting its slice of whiskery whimsy via KitTea. Like Catfe, the Bay Area meow spot'll put a strong focus on feline rescue and adoption.

Will it happen? Consider that our dogs are frequent visitors to restaurants, at least in the outdoor areas. Cats rarely get the same privilege (if, truth be told, they'd even want it; they rather love their cozy beds, or, more accurately, our cozy beds).

But what of cat lovers who want a cup of hot brew out? 

The age-old rivalry between dogs and cats may be finally (cat-)nipped in the bud by the possible coming of the feline-nice café scene.

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