The Virtual Corgi Beach Day Line-up Is Live, Fur Real

A costume contest, a limbo contest, and a cooking demo are on the free schedule.

So Cal Corgi Beach Day

Look, let's be real here: You don't need to study, memorize, or sweat over the schedule for most events involving your Fido.

Because dog festivals tend to be light-hearted, and carefree, and feel-good, and as easygoing as a pup who just discovered his favorite plaything under his bed.

But if you're joining a virtual dog gathering from home, and there is a costume contest, and a few other hound-cute happenings, you may want to have a tiny lei or tiny hat at the ready, if you and your pooch intend to attend from afar.

And a whole caboodle of corgi enthusiasts will do just that on Saturday, May 23, when the popular So Cal Corgi Beach Day romps onto our screens for two adorable hours.

The event, which typically takes place at Huntington Dog Beach but will not for the spring 2020 fest, was moved to May 23 a few weeks ago. It was also transformed into a virtual gathering, and the full schedule wasn't yet in place.

But organizers just released the roster, meaning you and your corgi have a couple of days to prep.

A best costume contest? You can count on that being a sweet centerpiece to the smile-summoning celebration. A limbo contest? This one is a favorite of corgi lovers, which is no surprise at all, since the squatty dogs are famously quite, er, adjacent to the ground.


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There's also a competition that's all about the best momo, and if you know your momos, you know that we're talking about the Japanese word for "peach." The fluffy shape of a corgi's posterior boasts some peach-like qualities, hence the affectionate term among fans of the breed.

Other high points on the itinerary include corgi food racing, a dog food cooking demo, ideas on how to best photograph your beloved fluffster, and more.

Your host? Oh hi there, Mr. Pickles, the corgi-cute master-of-ceremonies.

Clear some time on May 23, from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. PDT for this come-together canine convention, one that heralds a particular hound but is really about joy, community, and animal affection in general.

So, nope: You don't need to have a corgi in your home to check it all out, either on Facebook or Youtube. Everyone is welcome at this uplifting, "awww"-inducing event, one that is short on beach sand but large on love for our dogs.

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