Theaters Are Alive with the Return of ‘The Sound of Music’

The Alps'll be mighty large on the big screen, as the beloved musical dances through cinemas for two days only.

Twentieth Century Fox

What to Know

  • Sept. 9 and 12
  • 36 SoCal cinemas
  • Tickets available through Fathom Events

Do you:

a) have confidence in sunshine?

b) have confidence in rain? 

c) have confidence that spring will come again?

d) all of the above?

If you choose d), you just might be an aspiring, can-do nun on her way to serve as the governess for a band of unruly children craving love, adventure, fatherly attention, family closeness, and all of the joyful qualities you can impart.

And few films have imparted pure joy like "Rodgers & Hammerstein's The Sound of Music," a large-of-scope, sunny-of-outlook Twentieth Century Fox film that lives on as a lively classic to this day.

Indeed, those were iconic Rodgers lyrics we quoted before, from "I Have Confidence," and we have confidence that you know all of the words to every tune in the tune-terrific film.

It's a film that has often popped up on the small screen on major holidays but only rarely returns to theaters. That's all changing on Sept. 9 and 12 when the Julie Andrews-led, Christopher Plummer-perfect, Robert Wise-directed gem returns to cinemas.

Fathom Events and Turner Classic Movies are the movie-loving outfits behind the screenings, which will take place at three dozen Southern California theaters, as well as many venues beyond our region.

The times on the 9th and the 12th? Two in the afternoon and again at 7 in the evening.

Is this a sing-along version of the movie?

Nope, but that's coming up, at the Hollywood Bowl, on Sept. 22, if you prefer to warble alongside thousands of "Sound" buffs.

Is this a version you can sit quietly and thoroughly soak up, listening to every last lyric and reading every nuance between Maria and Captain Von Trapp and kind of cheering on the Baroness, even as you wish she'd rethink her pursuit of the captain's attentions?

Indeed. Also, TCM host Ben Mankiewicz "... will offer special, brand-new commentary both before and after the film."

It's a film often cited for its songs, and its sweetness, and the unequaled performances by adults and kids alike.

But with its more somber tones, including the fast approach of World War II, it is a musical of true depth, one that shows us that family has a way of being everything we need in the hardest of moments.

Tickets, locations, times, and all of the Maria matters may be found here. Don't forget your curtain-green jumpers, your pine cones, or just your love for a film you know by heart.

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