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There's a Special Rose Bowl Ice Cream in Pasadena

Salt & Straw is scooping Chocolate Rose Petal ice cream through New Year's Day.

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What to Know

  • Salt & Straw Pasadena
  • 39 W. Colorado Boulevard
  • The rose-themed ice cream is available through New Year's Day 2020

How do you really show you've connected with a new-to-you community, just weeks after your business arrived in town?

There are multiple ways to go the "we get you" route, but the brand-new Salt & Straw in Old Pasadena, which debuted just before Thanksgiving 2019, is making that route especially rosy.

Or should we say Rosy, for the scoop shop has a fresh and (very) limited-time flavor in its case, all to honor the Crown City's crowning event: The Tournament of Roses.

The big parade and the big game both happen on New Year's Day 2020, so count on this flavor being available right through closing on Jan. 1 (yep, there'll be hundreds of thousands of people calling upon the heart of the city that day, so you can count on the shop to be open on the holiday).

The flower-big flavor? You already guessed it'll involve roses, surely, but there's chocolate woven through, too, if you're a fan.

The name? It's Chocolate Rose Petal, and One Colorado, the shopping district where the new Salt & Straw is located, gave a shout-out to the ice cream's "raw" and "floral" notes, as well as the dark fudge that ties it all together.

A scoop is $5.25, and there are pints, too, if you want to take the quirky confection home, all so you can devour it while watching the parade and/or the game from the comfort of your couch.

What does the Rose Parade taste like, anyway? Does the Rose Bowl have a certain detectable essence? Chocolate Rose Petal ice cream may give sweet lovers of the world-famous New Year's Day events a whimsical way of "tasting" the world-famous tournament.

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