There's Now a Hot Dog on a Stick Lemonade Shandy

Santa Monica Brew Works teamed up with the classic stand on a "hand-stomped" hard lemonade shandy.

Hot Dog on a Stick

What to Know

  • It's a "hand-stomped" hard lemonade shandy
  • Santa Monica Brew Works is the partner on the project
  • Available at the brewery's tasting room for a limited time; a Hot Dog on a Stick food truck is visiting the brewery from Sept. 11-13

Finding the perfect fruit to take us from summertime into autumn?

It has to be the lemon, all the way, and even if you're a bit sour on our statement, you can probably see where we're coming from.

Lemonade is an ultimate summer libation, yes, while lemons appear in all sorts of fall ciders, simmers, and sweets.

So September? Let's call it the lemoniest leg of the year, especially since Southern California stays so incandescently hot for so much of the month.

To help us weather that, there is Hot Dog on a Stick, the started-in-Santa-Monica stand known for its famous title treat, the memorable variations on that theme (including Cheese on a Stick), and its obsessed-over "hand-stomped" lemonade.

It's a refreshing gulp that needs no gilding, but Santa Monica Brew Works, a neighbor to the pier-close hot dog stand, is putting an adult-style spin on the sip.

For the brewery just created a hard lemonade shandy with Hot Dog on a Stick's own luscious lemonade. And, you bet: It is still "hand-stomped," even in shandy form.

The 310 Stomped Shandy is a "... limited-batch release" described as a "sunshine-filled blend of HDOS’ famous hand-stomped Lemonade and SMBW’s crisp 310 California Blonde Ale. Combining two iconic Santa Monica beverages this 4.0% Alcohol by Volume brew is a zesty thirst quencher."

So, for sure: This is a 21-plus beverage, and one that will only be around for a short time.

You can find it at the Santa Monica Brew Works tasting room. And if you visit the brewhouse from Sept. 11-13, you'll find the Hot Dog on a Stick food truck parked nearby, in case you'd like to pick up some food to go with your lemon-y foam.

As far as the all-important can art?

The "... design captures this community celebration, showcasing fresh-stomped elements from HDOS’ Lemonade and their classic stripes incorporated with SMBW’s beach-brewed lifestyle."

Call it a pair-up of neighborly strengths, one that puts a new twist on a tart local favorite. Find your can soon, before summer turns to fall and this tangy shandy is gone, gone as quickly as it takes to devour a warm hot dog on a stick.

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