These Fosselman's Ice Cream Flavors Say Summer Is Coming

The beloved Alhambra ice cream parlor has a trio of tastes that just embrace the spirit of warmer weather.


What to Know

  • Fosselman's Ice Cream Co.
  • 1824 Main St. in Alhambra
  • Fresh peach, watermelon sorbet, and sweet corn/elote ice cream flavors

So you're searching for summer's imminent arrival, and you're looking in all of the usual places.

Are purple jacaranda blossoms covering green lawns, making for a colorful one-two visual kapow? Check. Are mornings a tad June-Gloomy? That's happening. Do you find yourself favoring shorts over your sweatpants? A sure sign.

But here's another: Local ice cream parlors, the ones that were around when we were kids and our parents were kids and our grandparents were meeting each other for malts, often change out flavors to reflect the changing of the seasons.

Fosselman's Ice Cream Co., which marked its centennial in 2019, has long been a must-visit for sweet-craving families in the San Gabriel Valley.

And the Alhambra shop, which has become known for flavors like taro, ube, and lychee, in addition to chocolate, vanilla, and other staples of the ice cream case, just revealed that three summer-strong flavors are now for sale.

Fresh peach? Please. It's as if you added a swirl of cream to summer itself. And, for sure, the peaches in the ice cream are actually authentic, off-the-tree peaches.

Watermelon sorbet? There's no dairy in this cool-down taste, but there are real watermelons.

And enjoying the zing of real watermelons without having to visit the hose in the yard after you finish? Well, that's pretty fun, too, but we do occasionally like the juicy goodie in scoop form.

And the sweet corn elote ice cream? Corn has been a rising star in the ice cream world over the last few years, and the Fosselman's version takes it to a new and luscious level.

Looking to take some flavors home for your own ice box? That can happen. The historic treaterie is located at 1824 W. Main Street in Alhambra.

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