They're Hereee, or, Rather, at Halloween Horror Nights

Brave enough to enter the suburban-scary world of a "Poltergeist" maze?

What to Know

  • Opens Sept. 14
  • Universal Studios Hollywood
  • Tickets now available

Remember the midnight television sign-off, back in the day?

The flag waving on your screen and the stirring patriotic music? Then, after the daily transmission concluded, and your favorite TV station went off the air for the night, all of that staticky snow? 

This nightly occurrence wasn't seen as sinister prior to 1982, but then "Poltergeist" arrived in cinemas, along one of the most famous and shortest taglines ever: "They're hereee."

Late-night TV viewing, as well as suburban dream homes, would never be the same.

But will you be the same after venturing inside a Halloween Horror Nights maze devoted to the world of "Poltergeist"?

Will you be able to deal with the terrifying trees and clown dolls that apparently move on their own and a closet that has a knack for inhaling everything in its vicinity, people included? As well as other scary staples of the jump-scare gem?

For "Poltergeist" is the latest maze reveal from the Universal Studios Hollywood autumn scare fest, and if you think Aug. 9 is early for a maze reveal, consider this: "Stranger Things," "Trick 'r Treat," and "The First Purge" have already been announced by Halloween Horror Nights.

Plus? We're just over five weeks out from the fright-tacular, and tickets went on sale on Aug. 7.

Plus? "Poltergeist" is the most classic of the mazes yet announced, which means, probably, it is more deeply embedded in our psyches. 

Because, truth: When a movie has had decades to worm its way into our nightmares, actually entering the physical world of the movie feels as frightening as finding out your perfect house was built atop a cemetery.

In short? The hit flick, directed by Tobe Hooper and produced by Steven Spielberg, has had 36 years to worm its way into our deepest and ever-lasting nightmares.

It's the movie's debut as a Halloween Horror Nights maze, by the way, following other recent classic movie mazes seen at the event, films like "The Exorcist" and "The Shining."

Need your ticket pronto, your multi-night pass, your entry to The R.I.P. Tour, the day/night combo entry?

Start here, but, before doing that, maybe put your clown doll out of sight, like... under the bed?

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