Things to Do This Week: Philippe's Free Chili Day

The downtown stalwart of French-Dip-a-tude is serving up cups of steamy goodness, with sandwich purchase.

Free Chili Day: Some bright and chilly days 'round this region have swept us into the beginning of the fourth week of January 2018, which happens to be the week which contains one spicy, onion-tastic, chopped-with-shredded-cheese kind of day. It's Free Chili Day at Philippe the Original on Tuesday, Jan. 23, and the first 500 customers, beginning at 10:30 in the morning, will receive a pay-nothing cup of Dolores chili. Good to know? You'll need to buy a sandwich to get your free chili, and sandwiches, as in French Dips, are plentiful and perfect at the Alameda Street landmark.

Robbie Burns Celebration: You've got your kilt freshly pressed, you've got a hankering for haggis, and you've got the melody to "Auld Lang Syne" flowing around your noggin? You must be headed for the Tam O'Shanter on Tuesday, Jan. 23 or Wednesday, Jan. 24. That's when the historic restaurant will raise a dram to the memory of the poet with stirring readings, the playing of bagpipes, and, yes, one very famous dish. Not up for haggis? There are other vittles, too, to enjoy.

dineL.A.'s Final Days: Yes, fret not, the deal-filled Restaurant Week will soon return, as it does, but if you want to jump into a juicy plate of ribs, or an interestingly composed salad, or something flan-y or custard-ish for dessert, and you want to save money while doing so, you'll want to peruse the eatery list before Friday, Jan. 26. That's when this winter of '18 go-around wraps for dineL.A., so get on those grub-mazing discounts and prix fixe menus while they're hot.

Strawberry Season at The Donut Man: One of Southern California's most-photographed, most-pined-over, and most-dreamed-about desserts isn't available all year along, but when it returns? Hoo boy, watch for the line of donut devotees driving to Glendora. It's the Strawberry Doughnut, the one created by The Donut Man, and "Jan. 26" is the date to watch for its gooey, sticky comeback, according to the shop's Facebook page. Yum, yum, and yum.

Taste Ofs continue: If you dig a fantastic "Taste Of," as in the sort of event that spotlights the edibles of a particular block or neighborhood or town or county, you're in luck as January 2018 begins to wrap up. Taste of Alhambra opens on Jan. 22, Santa Ynez Valley Restaurant Week is rolling through Saturday, Jan. 27 (complete with those awesome $20.18 menu deals), and Redondo Beach Restaurant Week is serving up the tempting tastes through Jan. 26. Is a place you dig doing a Restaurant Week before January wraps? California Restaurant Month can you lead you to that "yes" or "no" (fingers crossed for a "yes").

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