Things to Do This Weekend: Dine LA Restaurant Week Opens

The two-week taste-tacular has money-saving deals galore; find the savings at a cuisine-filled cornucopia of amazing eateries.


What to Know

  • Dine LA happens from Oct. 14 through 28
  • Vegan, Seafood, and a host of delicious dishes from around the world will be featured at hundreds of Southern California restaurants
  • Search by Neighborhood, Cuisine, Price, and Dining Options on the site

Dine LA Restaurant Week: Perusing a beautiful menu? It's a delightful exercise, one that can lead you to flavorful new discoveries. But what if there were hundreds of amazing menus to consider, full of tempting deals and ways to save, and you could still be led to those lovely discoveries? That's part of the spirit of Dine LA, which is back, for a flavorful fortnight, to give regional restaurants and dine-outers the chance to connect over a bouquet of prix fixe menus. Lunches start at $15, but you can peruse all, and find your perfect place (or call upon a longtime favorite) from Oct. 14 through 28.

Way-Cool Autumn Activities: So you and the tots are seeking a sort of activity-driven delight, one that has fall-fun overtones, and you'd love it to all happen at an education museum, the sort of place where learning is central to everything? Look to Kidspace Children's Museum in Pasadena, which has several Halloween-inspired to-dos for kids (including daily costume parades) and Discovery Cube OC in Santa Ana, where a Pumpkin Palooza is in full swing (complete with an inflatable corn maze and neato dance party).

Victorian Mourning Faire: Slip into your lucky bustle or top hat, find your lace parasol, and saunter in the direction of Heritage Square Museum, where a mystical weekend-long festival will flower like so many funereal blossoms. The ethereal event will boast tea leaf readings, and tarot sessions, too, as well as vendors of vintage-y goods (and those items that have a throwback aura). The cost to time-travel back to an ethereal era? It's $25 per day. The location? Just off the Arroyo Parkway.

Depot Day: Travel Town is an ultimate must-stop-by for train-loving kids (and their parents), but sometimes the sheer awesomeness of the Griffith Park attraction gets even awesomer. Look to what's choo-choo-ing for the locomotive-laden location on Sunday, Oct. 16, and all of the train-tastic happenings, including tours of vintage passenger cars, live tunes, food trucks, and model trains. The "Treasures of Travel Town" exhibit will add further charm to the rail-y great day out.

ArtNight Pasadena: How to start the weekend in a free fashion at several Crown City spots brimming with dance and music and painting and live readings and all sorts of moments that make the mind go "wow"? By heading for Pasadena on Friday, Oct. 14. That's the where and when of this every-six-months-or-so spectacular, which finds several local galleries and businesses opening to the public for free, or presenting complimentary treats of a cultural nature. The Gamble House, Art Center, and several other gems are in the fall 2022 swirl.

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