This Decorated Woodie Parade Is Way Malibu

The beachy bash greets the season with surfy spunk, at Malibu Village.

What to Know

  • Sunday, Dec. 9, 3 to 5 p.m.
  • Malibu Village
  • Free

Holiday decorations, from beautifully carved menorahs to a line-up of festive toy trains, can pop up, quite easily, in any location. 

The decorations, in short, don't need a local angle to appear festive, for a wreath in one city can be as charming as a wreath viewed somewhere faraway.

But let's be real: There are certain sights that have stronger ties to particular regions, and when those sights take on seasonal flair, you have a joyful expression on the holidays that cannot be denied.

Take the Woodie, a vintage-cool vehicle that's as synonymous with our sandy expanses as kelp, surfboards, and striped towels.

Deftly place some decorations on the old-school ride, like some bows, lights, or candy canes, and you have, right there, a very merry Malibu icon.

Malibu gets this, and embraces one of its most quintessential symbols quite festively each December. As it shall again, on Sunday, Dec. 9, when a host of Woodies roll into Malibu Village during the 15th annual Christmas Woodie Parade.

Woodies all wearing their most whimsical and cheerful gewgaws will be on display, from 3 to 5 p.m., giving lovers of the woodsy wheels ample chance to get amped over the up-close opportunity to view them.


Even radder? While there's no admission price to admire the Woodies, you can donate to "the fire relief efforts of the Boys & Girls Club of Malibu." They'll be a place to do so, so keep your peepers way peeled.

Serenading all of the Woodie admirers will be The Hodads & Malibu Ukulele Orchestra, lending a beachy sound to a beachy bash.

Because, after all, a Malibu yuletide is distinctive, unique, and way boss.

Shouldn't the town's take on the sparkliest season have a dose of salt air, sandy feet, and Woodie wonderfulness?

Answer: Fer sure.

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