This Free Angel City Chorale Show Will ‘Play It Forward'

The June 5 concert, a virtual presentation, will be "an upbeat, joy-filled extravaganza." You're welcome to donate, if you'd like.

Angel City Chorale

What to Know

  • Saturday, June 5 at 6 p.m. PDT
  • Free (donations are welcome)
  • Both well-loved and brand-new songs will be presented during this happy-of-spirit celebration of music, community, and hope

Are you paying it forward?

You're clearly sending a good deed along a path and out into the world, where people can bask in, and benefit from, your kind heart and sweet graces.

But playing it forward?

It's a concept that's perhaps slightly different, though its sheer sweetness and kind spirit are the same.

For if you're part of an event that's all about "playing it forward," you're adding some art to the heart of the matter, a creative twist on the considerate concept.

And that's just what the members of the Angel City Chorale will do on Saturday, June 5 during the free "Play It Forward" virtual concert.

The hour-long show, which can be viewed for free online, will "... be an upbeat, joy-filled extravaganza," one that captures the growing hope shared by many and puts it to music.

"Focusing on the theme of giving back to the community, Artistic Director Sue Fink directs the chorale in this uplifting, hour-long streaming event featuring both well known and new songs," is the wonderful word, and "community outreach activities" will be in the spotlight.

"One Voice," "Change Is Gonna Come" and "Level Up" are just three of the ebullient selections on the line-up.

"We're thrilled to bring this special and beautifully produced concert, "Play it Forward," to the world,” says Sue Fink, Artistic Director. "The joyful extravaganza is an expression of our commitment to build community and honor diversity and inclusion. Fans won’t want to miss it!!"

While the show is free to enjoy, donations are welcome. You can contribute to the chorale and their meaning-filled efforts in connecting with audiences from the virtual space.

And if you donate $50 or more? You can enjoy a behind-the-scenes-y "pre-show" of sorts, beginning at 5:15 p.m., called "Backstage With Sue."

For more on the chorale, the concert, the songs, and the vision of the group, follow the voices and visit the Angel City Chorale site now.

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