This Free Harvest Fest Is a Griffith Park Gem

Activities for the kids, plus a screening of "Coco," will celebrate the fun of fall.

What to Know

  • Sunday, Nov. 10 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • 4730 Crystal Springs Drive
  • Free

Autumn doesn't end on Halloween night, though a glance around might seem to indicate otherwise.

Suddenly there are tubes of green-and-red wrapping paper filling the store aisles, and peppermint candies, while the decorations bearing pumpkins and leaves have been replaced by pictures featuring frosty favorites, like snowmen.

But we're still falling for fall, especially since we're only at the season's halfway point.

And helping us jump into the proverbial pile of leaves?

It's the Los Angeles Parks Foundation, which will host a family-festive Harvest Festival on Sunday, Nov. 10.

Oh, and this is as sweet as a pumpkin is orange: It's free.

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No, there won't actually be big piles of leaves on the grounds for jumping, but there'll be plenty of kid-fun activities to fill your time in the fall-iest of ways.

Pumpkin painting is one get-creative focus of the event, which runs for eight, stay-busy hours starting at 11 in the morning.

A bounce house, chances to climb a wall, and a screening of "Coco" are also on the roster.

And for the grown-ups in the house, er, park? Look for an array of vendor booths, as well as a beer garden.

All of this conviviality will gently land, like a drifting leaf, at 4730 Crystal Springs Drive.

Nope, fall isn't done yet, not nearly, and there's still time to get outdoors and enjoy the warm-but-crisp-but-sunny-but-sort-of-cool days. 

Where better than Griffith Park, a place that is on the frontline of season-based, nature-nice enjoyment?

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