This Free Umami Burger Giveaway Is So Friday

Don't wait on this one; the deal is good on Friday, Nov. 15.

What to Know

  • Friday, Nov. 15
  • Available at all locations except LAX and Irvine Spectrum
  • All day

If Fridays are traditionally the day of the week that you could "really, really go for a burger," then you're in luck.

You're even luckier if you like to not spend a bunch on the final weekday, in anticipation of saving some cash for the weekend.

For Umami Burger is giving away free burgers, plus a side of fries, at nearly all of its locations, on Friday, Nov. 15. That's one per guest, yep. And it's all to celebrate the burger company's new menu, cool.

There it is. That's it. All of our brains can be a little tired by the end of the week, so we don't need to overthink this one.

We did say "nearly all," so take note: This offer is not available at the Umami Burger LAX nor the Umami Burger at Irvine Spectrum.

Good? You've now got the meat on the matter, the essential info you need.

Now here's the drizzle on top of the antibiotic-free, hormone-free patty: There are a number of burgers to choose from, including the Umami Burger (think crispy parmesan, shitake mushrooms, and other goodies), the Wag-Yu-Mami Burger (a yuzu kimchi mayo gives it extra zing), and the Sunny Side (yep, an egg and bacon are involved).

And while you're at your local burgery? Be sure to enter the contest that may net you pay-nothing, super-tasty burgers for a year.

Might you win? 

You'll certainly win by scoring one complimentary burger on Nov. 15.

And one more end-of-the-week ray of sunshine: This is an all-day kind of offer, so get to your closest Umami Burger whenever you like, as long as you're there during open hours on the 15th day of Nom-vember.

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