This Kids' Museum Is Hosting a ‘Virtual Recess'

Find art projects and other let-loose, connect-with-joy activities on the Cayton Children's Museum Instagram page, twice each weekday.

Cayton Children's Museum

What to Know

  • Cayton Children's Museum in Santa Monica (temporarily closed)
  • #CaytonRecess is offering on IGTV, twice each weekday, at 11 and 3
  • Free

Have you been pondering the concept of recess, among other things, in recent weeks?

It's been a topic on many parents' minds, as the school day, established routines, and busy schedules have been completely tested, and changed, by our #SaferatHome response to the coronavirus.

How, though, to incorporate a little lighter fun into those super-packed schedules?

By making a date, once or twice a day, to check in on the Cayton Children's Museum Instagram page.

For that's where the #CaytonRecess is happening, a twice-each-weekday, art-it-up event that offers a bit of creative exuberance and exploration, a lighter complement to the important at-home studying kids are currently undertaking.

"Cayton Children's Museum is bringing all the fun of the museum to families at home! As we practice social distancing in the weeks ahead, the Cayton can still be a place where families can play...virtually," is the focus. 

Look for "... music to storytime to art making, and doses of inspiration" from the twice-a-weekday videos, which will appear on IGTV at 11 a.m. and 3 o'clock.

The Santa Monica museum, which offers a host of happy, mind-growing, spirit-raising pursuits for families, is temporarily closed.

But finding its ebullient outlook on educational recreation is as easy as visiting Instagram, Monday through Friday, where a "virtual recess" that possesses plenty of kid-pleasing panache will take place, playfully.

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