Mother's Day

This Mother's Day Cooking Class Deal Is a Sweet Treat

Spend $50 in the shop at the The Gourmandise School of Sweets and Savories at Santa Monica Place and enjoy a free online cooking class.


What to Know

  • Through May 3, 2021
  • Spend $50 in the shop, receive a voucher for an online cooking class
  • There's also a online Parent & Child Brunch class on May 8

Setting up a screen near your mixing bowl, and the whisk, and the bag of flour you just opened, all with the hope that you'll learn how to bake something new, flavorful, and ready to be added to your repertoire?

That hope, and anticipation, is one of the gifts of signing up for an online cooking class, the sort of learning experience that allows you to stay in your own apron, and pjs and slippers, too, if you wish, and pick up nifty culinary skills while at home.

There has been a definite burbling, not unlike the burbling of warm butter on the stove, of new online cooking classes in the last year.

And one of the major players on the SoCal stove-and-oven scene? The Gourmandise School of Sweets and Savories at Santa Monica Place.

Now the school wants to help people treat their moms to something sweet on Mother's Day, and by "sweet" we mean both emotionally and perhaps flavor-wise, too.

For if you spend fifty dollars at The Gourmandise School's shop through May 3, you'll receive a voucher for an online cooking class, a tip-filled course led by one of the school's top-notch toques.

Of course, if you treat your mom to the voucher, or enjoy it yourself, it won't necessarily be a sweet or treat you'll make; there are a host of classes, covering all sorts of cuisines, meals, and tastes.

In fact, there's a perfect one coming up on Mother's Day Saturday. The Parent & Child: Mother's Day Brunch has been created for grown-ups and their kids to enjoy together.

The foods you'll make? Oh delish: Herbed egg scramble and strawberry shortcake are on the make-it-for-mom menu.

The cost is $35, you'll get a list of the ingredients you'll need ahead of time (as well as kitchen tools, yes), and there are a number of slots remaining as April ends.

Can't do this particular class, nor can you shop and get the voucher? No worries, for the sweetness shines on: You can purchase a gift certificate to The Gourmandise School, for mom to enjoy.

Whether you opt to spend $50 and receive the voucher for a free online class, or you purchase a spot in the Parent & Child: Mother's Day Brunch virtual class, or you go with a gift certificate, here's something sweet: Treating Mom on her big occasion is always a class act.

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