This Nacho Burger Will Pop up for One Day in One Place

Shake Shack's savory one-day-only offering is a collaboration with musician benny blanco.

Shake Shack

What to Know

  • Friday, March 26
  • benny's Nacho Burger is $6.99; benny's Fries are $4.25
  • The cheeseburger is "... topped with queso, Shack ranch sauce with crumbled Cool Ranch® Doritos® and scallions, and charred serrano salsa verde"; the crinkle-cut fries have housemade queso

Nachos rock a lot of craveworthy components, so it makes sense that you might see the cheese-laden, pepper-topped, salsa-spicy, chip-crispy snack food in a lot of various places.

And so you likely have.

Nachos have popped up on t-shirts, jewelry, stickers, and pretty much any accessory or item that can quickly convey our nacho-directed obsession to other nacho-loving people we may meet.

But finding nachoized toppings on a burger?

That can be more of a sticky wicket, for while cheese and chilis often add panache to our patties, crunchy chips under the bun are a rarer delight.

That's changing, for one day only, at the Shake Shack in West Hollywood. For a pop-up, limited-time, get-yours-fast Nacho Burger, created in collaboration with benny blanco, will be on the menu on Friday, March 26.

The reason behind the flavor-strong celebration? The debut of "FRIENDS KEEP SECRETS 2," the new release from the musician.

This is nacho average cheeseburger, lovers of dairy-gooey goodies. It's " ...topped with queso, Shack ranch sauce with crumbled Cool Ranch® Doritos® and scallions, and charred serrano salsa verde," giving it Dorito-y pizzazz and salsa-fied kick.

It's $6.99, but the Nacho Burger isn't the only collaboration special: Crinkle-cut fries, complete with made-in-house queso, are available for $4.25 (they're called benny's Fries, and, like the Nacho Burger, they can be ordered through the Shake Shack app or the web site).

The artist will at Shake Shack West Hollywood on March 26 to say hi to fans.

"I met benny a few years back at a Food & Wine event in LA and was just blown away by his passion and knowledge for all things food," said Mark Rosati, Culinary Director at Shake Shack.

"He's such an incredible artist and we just jumped at the chance to work together and bring his unique style and creativity to the world of the Shack for one day. We are super excited to celebrate the release of benny's new album and hope our LA friends will come out to have a taste and listen on Friday the 26th!"

Again, this is just a super-fast, final-Friday-in-March treat, and you should order ahead. Details? Watch the app or Shake Shack site for more.

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