This National Waffle Day Deal Can't Be Topped

Or can it, quite literally? The Dolly Llama will have a few flavorful ways to save on Aug. 24, and the toppings are as tasty as the waffles below.

The Dolly Llama

What to Know

  • Aug. 24 is National Waffle Day
  • The Dolly Llama will have a couple of cool $5 deals, including a Mini OG Box with six small waffles and toppings
  • DTLA, Koreatown, and Sherman Oaks

Saying something can't be topped?

Call the matter in question le ultimate, the bestest of the best, beyond the beyond, an occurrence that can't be out-curred.

But what if the thing that can't be topped is also famous for being topped? What if it sports some of these sweetest and most luscious toppings, the sort of toppable tastes that make the confection underneath the toppings even more delectable?

That might be a bit of a brain twister, but there's no need to become twisted over that perfect breakfast-and-really-any-time invention, the waffle.

And good news for waffle enthusiasts? The pocket-boasting, crevice-cool, top-it-all-you-like example of batter-based beauty gets its own national food holiday on Aug. 24, and, to celebrate, The Dolly Llama is offering fans a "waffle-ly" good deal.

Make that waffle-ly good deals, plural, because you'll have a few five-buck choices to make on National Waffle Day, should you visit one of the desserterie's three local shops (you'll find The Dolly Llama in DTLA, Koreatown, and Sherman Oaks, too).

Choose either the Bubble Waffle OR the OG Liege Waffle, top it with ice cream, also top it with a sauce, then top it again with something else if you like, like berries, and then to top it all off? You'll pay five dollars (plus tax).

Or if you want to go with the OG Mini Waffle Box? Same deal: It's five dollars, and this set of snackable delights arrives with its row of neatly packed toppings snuggly included alongside the golden goodies.

The trio of shops are known for their intriguing ice creams, too, as well as a selection of globally inspired waffles, treats that draw appetizing inspiration from the bubble waffle, seen in shops around Hong Kong, to Belgian waffles, too.

So can devouring a waffle on National Waffle Day be topped?

Well, maybe the experience of doing so can't be, but adding toppings to a waffle that you buy on National Waffle Day, while saving some cash, is completely and definitely encouraged.

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