This Nationwide Virtual Pet Adoption Is a ‘First-Ever'

Or perhaps "fur-st ever" is more accurate. If you're looking for the magic of a new furry friend, hundreds of rescue groups can help.

Best Friends Animal Society

What to Know

  • May 27-31
  • 250 animal rescue groups
  • The first 1600 adopters will have their adoption fees partially met by HBO Max or Petco Foundation

Making meow-gic happen?

A cat can do that, just by strutting into a room. Suddenly the energy has changed, and you're making room on the couch for the feline, and looking to have a cuddly, purr-strong interaction, a moment that will benefit you both.

But sometimes? Organizations that love and serve animals have to unite on the making-magic-happen front. Best Friends Animal Society and Adopets have done just that by creating the "First-Ever National Virtual Super Adoption."

The huge happening is wagging its tail through Sunday, May 31.

If you've been to a super adoption, you know the word "super" is not stretch: There are a lot of adoptable dogs and cats to meet, typically numbering in the hundreds if not thousands.

That's the case with the National Virtual Super Adoption, too, and how: Some 250 animal rescue groups are participating, meaning you'll encounter all sorts of eager, wet-nosed, soft-whiskered, belly-freckled cuties.

Cuties that can share your home, your life, and, of course, and it goes without saying, though say it, we shall: your love.

"Best Friends has partnered with Adopets, a leader in adoption management software, to host a first-of-its-kind national virtual pet adoption event," shared Best Friends.

It's an event that "... will gather thousands of adoptable animals from nearly 250 of Best Friends Network Partners across the country into a central 'venue' where adopters can browse and meet pets, and complete the adoption process from home."

Simply enter your zip code to find groups in your area.

And if you're in Southern California? You'll find many animal-supporting outfits on the roster, including the Best Friends Lifesaving Center and Los Angeles Animal Services.

The first 1600 adopters will find their fees partially covered by HBO Max, which is contributing $25-per-adoption to the first 800 adoptions, and Petco Foundation, which will contribute $25 to the next 800 adoptions.

Those early adopters will also receive a "virtual adoption kit" with offers from a host of pet-focused companies.

Ready to love a loveable, floppy-eared, big-paw'd critter? Make meow-gic happen now.

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