Palos Verdes Peninsula

This Palos Verdes Peninsula Garden Boasts a Holiday ‘GLOW'

The illuminated installations lend a lovely luminosity to the leafy spaces of South Coast Botanic Garden.

Anthony Bogdanovich

What to Know

  • "GLOW" ("Garden Lights & Ocean Waters") is glittering through Jan. 17, 2022
  • South Coast Botanic Garden, Palos Verdes Peninsula
  • $34.95 non-member; $24.95 member; children 2 and under admitted free

Beholding an eye-catching lighting display that's been prettily placed near some spectacular shrubs, lawns, trees, and flowers?

Anyone who has installed an outdoor lantern on their balcony, in the vicinity of a few elegant plants, or lined a bower in beautiful bulbs, knows that the pairing of leaves and lights is a sight that can truly move and uplift those who encounter it.

So imagine leaves and lights working in tandem inside an acclaimed large-scale garden, the sort of multi-acred space that charms and bewitches on any day of the year.

Winding pathways suddenly have extra panache, bushes take on a twinkle, and the viewer is utterly charmed by a ramble through all the radiance.

The talented team at South Coast Botanic Garden understands how illumination placed in nature-lush settings can be transportive. And to transport guests, the Palos Verdes Peninsula destination will once again "GLOW," over several fall and winter weeks, all to delight nighttime visitors.

"GLOW" stands for "Garden Lights & Ocean Waters," which means that several of the lighting displays will summon the spirit of the garden's splashy neighbor, the Pacific Ocean.

A kelp forest, or at least an on-land spot that takes on the feel of the underwater realm, is one work of illuminated art that after-sundown saunterers will behold.

Bites and sips will also be for sale, and evenings that boast specific themes? Those are ahead, though calling upon the garden on any night of its run means you'll stroll by oodles of shimmery wonders.

Call it a different way to holiday, an adventure that is a quieter and quite stunning expression of the season, of the seemingly endless gifts of nature, and how well lights and leaves perfectly pair up.

Eager for a ticket to a place where the night meets light and the ocean coolly cameos on land? Start here and book your spot early, especially on those sure-to-be-popular December weekend nights.

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