This Peeps Shake Brims with Rainbows and Magic

The limited-time Dylan's Candy Bar treat can be found at the Original Farmers Market.

Dylan's Candy Bar

What to Know

  • Dylan's Candy Bar at the Original Farmers Market
  • $12
  • Through April 21, 2019

Can you eat enchantment? 

Can you sip sunshine? And, if you had to pin a particular flavor on it, what exactly would you say that magic tastes like?

We may never accurately label such fanciful things, but we can do pretty much the next best thing, and drink a dessert that's laden with Peeps chicks, if we visit Dylan's Candy Bar at the Original Farmers Market.

Oh, and if we buy it, of course. It's $12. And while documenting ourselves drinking it is not compulsory, how could we not post a picture to all of our feeds, given that the shake is so showy and colorful and, again, absolutely Peep'd-out?

It's called the Chillin' with My Peeps shake, it has proven in the past to be a fan favorite, and the candy-lush location has brought it back through Easter Sunday.

Nope, it doesn't exactly taste like enchantment, though if enchantment tastes like a marshmallow, and also happens to be super-creamy, at least in your own mind, maybe it does.

Making this ultra-cute confection all the more charming? That the branch of the celebrated sweets chain is located at a fabled place with "Farmers" in its name. (And, yes, there are farmers in the Original Farmers Market's history, as well as its present-day world, too.)

And chicks and farmers? They just go together, like downy soft feathers and the desire to say "awwww."

So get your Peeps-cute shake at the Original Farmers Market, home to Dylan's Candy Bar, before Easter Day hops away.

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