This Popular Turkey Trot Is Heading Further Afield

The Thanksgiving Day run, a staple on the Long Beach calendar, will be virtual in 2020. So plan to run or walk around your own neighborhood, Turkey Trotters.

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What to Know

  • 5K/10K/half-marathon/half-mile Wingding for kids
  • $30 entry
  • Packet pick-up is on Nov. 25 from 4-6 p.m. at 1 Granada Avenue in Long Beach; please bring canned foods for donating to the AIDS Food Store

True story: A person doesn't have many opportunities, in this weird and wonderful world, to dress up as a human-sized can of cranberries.

Few people would find quibble with that statement, for the chance that you encountered someone in the last day, month, or even year in a full cranberry costume is probably as slim as a green bean.

And speaking of green beans, we'll wager you haven't seen someone dressed up as green bean casserole, either, in recent days.

And yet?

It's at our local Turkey Trots, the Thanksgiving Day fun runs, when the cranberry and casserole get-ups have their marvelous and inspiring moment in the November sun.

For unlike Halloween jogs, which often feature a pack of fast-moving monsters, and the more traditional marathons we know, the Turkey Trot is, for many participants, all about wearing the foods of the Thanksgiving table while they run.

And if you're a can of cranberries, and you can get a picture taken with someone dressed as stuffing, and another person rocking a mashed potato look? So lucky.

Such photos, though, will need to wait for another year. For running together? That won't be happening in 2020.

But here's something as sweet as cranberries: Some trots are encouraging hoofers to mask up and enjoy their own neighborhood routes on Thanksgiving.

And one of Southern California's most venerable T Day delights, the Long Beach Turkey Trot, is making it official: It's a virtual run this time around, meaning you're welcome to impress your neighbors with your canned cranberry or mashed potato costume.

Pick the 5K, the 10K, or the half-marathon and then sign up for what organizers are calling a "free-range" event. You can complete your run or walk on Thanksgiving Day or weekend, or, yes, spread it out, like butter on a hot roll, over the entirety of the holiday week.

As for getting the young runners involved? Look for the half-mile Wingding, created especially for kids.

Once you pay your $30 entry, plan to stop by 1 Granada Avenue in Long Beach on Nov. 25 (from 4 to 6 p.m.) to pick up your packet.

Organizers are looking for food donations for the AIDS Food Store of Long Beach, so please do arrive with "mac n cheese, breakfast cereal, canned fruit, tuna, or peanut butter" when you stop by for your packet.

Of course, you don't need to break out the canned cranberry costume while you run your neighborhood; whatever you choose to wear is fine.

But oh sweet potato: What if you were running in your cranberry costume and you saw a runner dressed as a pumpkin pie on the other side of the road?

That might be a little Thanksgiving enchantment in action.

In-person Turkey Trots will eventually return, but, for now, Turkey Trotters can share their costume-based magic with their neighborhoods and some food donations to an important cause.

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