This SoCal Airport Is Doubling as a Drive-in

On select summer nights, that is. Check out what's set to screen for free, during Ontario International Airport's "Movie on Terminal Way" series.


What to Know

  • "The Princess Bride" is on July 17
  • "Napoleon Dynamite" is on July 31
  • Free; reservations (per car) are required

The whole concept of films and flights experienced in a simultaneous fashion is not an unusual one.

After all, you might watch a few minutes of a favorite flick, on your phone, while you wait at your gate. Or you could discover that a recent blockbuster you'd wanted to catch in the theater but didn't on your on-board film schedule.

But actually parking your car outside an airport? All to savor a cinematic experience, in the style of a drive-in theatre?

That seems to be an unlikely opportunity, and yet it will take proverbial flight, this summer, at the Ontario International Airport.

The airport, along with the City of Ontario and Street Food Cinema, is presenting a few free movies over the summer of 2020, all for people to enjoy while staying in their vehicles.

"Ford v Ferrari" zooms on June 19, but free reservations are full.

"The Sandlot," which swings for the fences on July 3, is also booked up, but "The Princess Bride" is still open for July 17 and "Napoleon Dynamite" dances on July 31.

Keep watch on the City of Ontario social pages for when reservations will be available for those two films.

A reservation, by the by, is for your whole car, and not per person.

Will there be food trucks standing by? For sure, so you can snack up there if you left your bag of chips and six pack of soda at home.

Should you show up with "canned or box food" to donate to the Community Action Partnership of San Bernardino County? Please do. There's a fundraising aspect to the film fun.

Is parking where planes usually gather a fresh way to take in a film, even if you've seen more than a few movies while flying high in the air?

It is, for sure.

If you fancy the concept of flight, classic flicks, and free things, the "Movie on Terminal Way" series should give you and your family a sense of lift-off this summer.

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