This South Pasadena Gallery Is Halloween Central

SugarMynt Gallery, which has several October-y to-dos ahead, is located behind the house seen in 1978's "Halloween."

SugarMynt Gallery

What to Know

  • 810 Meridian Avenue, South Pasadena
  • $10 admission at door
  • Festival of Frights on Oct. 12; free backyard entry ($10 to see the Haddonfield show inside)

Where does Halloween live?

Inside a jack o'lantern's grin, for sure. In the center of a candy corn, absolutely. And within the square that denotes October 31 on a calendar, okay then.

But as for an actual address? That's rather harder to find, but a good bet is to make your way to 810 Meridian Avenue, in South Pasadena.

If the city's name summons the 1978 horror classic "Halloween" to mind, well, you know your scary stuff: Leafy South Pasadena stood in for Haddonfield, Illinois, the setting for the film.

Today, the house that was once the on-screen home to Michael Myers, the be-masked icon of the film series, stands at the corner of Mission and Meridian Avenues, and behind it is SugarMynt Gallery, a place that pays art-tastic tribute to both "Halloween" and, well, Halloween, whether it happens to be October or not.

But when October arrives?

The house truly flickers on, like the candle inside a just-carved pumpkin. There are several happenings at SugarMynt this month, with an art show devoted to "Halloween" on view and a number of screenings, too, including, yes, the original "Halloween" on Halloween night.

And on Saturday, Oct. 12?

That's when the Festival of Frights spreads through the backyard of the eerie abode like so much fanciful fog. There'll be no actual fog, of course, but several vendors who make all sorts of horror-inspired wearables and artworks, as well as a tarot reader, a face painter, and more.

The festival's admission is free, and you'll enter through the yard, while the "Welcome to Haddonfield 5" exhibit, which is located inside, is ten dollars to see.

That cinematic show is on view through, you got it, Halloween night.

As far as the line-up of fearful flicks coming up? Those, too, are listed on the SugarMynt site.

It's Halloween every day may be the charming and true tagline of the gallery, but fright fans do flock to its pretty and historic steps when All Hallow's Eve draws near.

That's happening now, and this nifty nexus of things that go bump in the night is ready with a host of Halloween-y high jinks, cinematic treats, a crafty festival, and other fan-ready treats.

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