This Super Bowl Shrimp Tray Boasts a Dozen Free Sliders

You and the fam catching the game? San Pedro Fish Market has a delicious deal for you.

San Pedro Fish Market

What to Know

  • Available through Sunday, Feb. 7
  • Takeout, delivery, and outdoor dining
  • $99.99

Super Bowl LV hut-huts on Sunday, Feb. 7, so best clear off the coffee table for whatever snacks and sips you and your loved ones intend to dig into while cheering on the Kansas City Chiefs or Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Because an enduring part of viewing a major sporting spectacular involves memorable munchies, as in the easy-to-hold, easy-to-hanker-for, and easy-to-go-back-for-another-one foodstuffs that are synonymous with the Super Bowl.

But if you're not feeling the regular staples of your football-watching routine, and you're craving something you and the household haven't enjoyed before, consider this: San Pedro Fish Market, home of the World Famous Shrimp Tray, is putting a special spin on the couch-based occasion with its deal-nice Big Game Tray.

Does the Big Game Tray take cues from the World Famous Shrimp Tray?

It certainly does, thanks to presence of the local chain's celebrated crispy shrimp.

But there are other seafood favorites, too, to chow down upon, including calamari and fried red snapper.

Complementing this briny array of bites is coleslaw, shrimp's BFF, and French fries, shrimp's other BFF. And, you bet, the San Pedro Fish Market's famous garlic bread, which is made in-house, also has a presence on the tray.

Now for the deal that will speak directly to the hamburger fans in your household: The Big Game Tray also boasts a a caboodle of complimentary sliders. There are a dozen in all.

Curbside pick-up? It's available.

Choosing where you'd like to order from?

The locations are listed on the site and include, yes, San Pedro, Long Beach, Wilmington, Harbor City, and Rolling Hills Estates.

So clear off the coffee table, launder those napkins, and maybe set up a few coasters, too, if you plan on sipping sun tea or suds with your crispy shrimp: Super Bowl LV is nearly here, and homes across Southern California will be snacking upon shrimp, spuds, seafood faves, and free sliders, too.

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