This Sweet Treat Swap Lowers Pet Adoption Fees

The Helen Woodward Animal Center in Rancho Santa Fe will accept candy in exchange for money off your adoption fee.

What to Know

  • Helen Woodward Animal Center
  • Rancho Santa Fe
  • Nov. 1-Nov. 4, 2018

Treat swaps?

They've become a sugary staple of November's earliest days, that caramel-covered, sugar-dusted time that immediately follows Halloween trick-or-treating.

And while kids are invited to swap out candy for a variety of fun experiences and prizes nowadays, there's an especially tender treat swap just ahead that truly puts the "awww" in "swap" and the "sweet" in the treat.

It's happening at the Helen Woodward Animal Center, in Rancho Santa Fe, and it works like this: Kids who are age 12 and under, "with approval of their parents," natch, may turn in 50 pieces of candy to receive $10 off a pet adoption fee at the fur-loving location.

Turn in 100 pieces and receive $20 off. Have 150 bits o' candy to give? That's $30 off.

In fact, the maximums are fairly substantial for this treat swap: Up to 400 pieces of candy can go towards a dog adoption and 250 pieces towards adopting a cat.

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And the pup or kitty you go home with?

Both are far sweeter than any sucker or caramel chew. Bonus? No potential cavity issues come with this treat swap program, though plenty of kisses and cuddles are practically guaranteed.

Also something sweet to consider? The candy collected by the center will be donated to homebound seniors participating in the AniMeals drop-off program, after being gathered into cute gift bags.

Just get to the center before they close for the day on Sunday, Nov. 4, 2018, and be sure to have those candies in tow. (The swap opens on Nov. 1.)

How often do you count out candy before meeting a new fur-ever pal? Truly, this is a treat swap plan that has legs (and a wet nose, and maybe whiskers, and a cute tail, and a lot of love to share, too).

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