This Thanksgiving Burger Is a Bun-Based Feast

Brioche stuffing and cranberry sauce are just two of the tantalizing toppers on this Slater's 50/50 special.

What to Know

  • Through Nov. 30, 2019
  • All 11 Slater's 50/50 locations
  • $13.99

If a foodie expert ever chooses to turn their meal-focused magnifying glass on how we consume our Thanksgiving dinner, they'll likely find that many people like to pile that fork high.

Really high, with lots of different elements stacked onto the tines. There's stuffing, and there's bread, and there's turkey, and there's a zing of cranberry, too.

For when it comes to the eatingest holiday on the calendar? Few of us only ever devour one distinct foodstuff at a time.

So a patty-plus-a-bun situation that has a piled-high Thanksgiving theme makes complete culinary sense. Simply picture all of the stuff we like to heap onto our fork at the holiday table, only folded into a convenient-to-hold, yummy-to-chomp bun.

Slater's 50/50 is way ahead of us here, for the gourmet burgery has a full-on Thanksgiving Burger, one that includes several staples of the seasonal sideboard. 

There's brioche stuffing, oh yum, and a turkey patty (it's 1/3 lb.), and cranberry sauce, and an aioli that's zingy with garlic and sage, and a honey wheat bun, too.

Did we forget the gravy? Who forgets the gravy? There's gravy, because of course there is, and it is turkey, because of course it is.

The price is $13.99, it is now available at all 11 Slater's 50/50 locations, and, here's something happy if the fourth Thursday of your November is booked solid: You can find this substantial goodie, daily, through the end of the month.

Thanksgiving all piled together on a bun? Isn't that exactly what we try to achieve with our forks each year?

But buns are bigger than forks, don't you know.

So yay to this hearty holdable feast, one that incorporates much of what we dig about our Thanksgiving dinner.

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