This Week: ‘Noir City' Film Fest Opens

Twisty plotlines, triple-crossing plotters, and all manner of delicious movie mayhem will add atmosphere to The Egyptian and The Aero.

American Cinematheque/jenjen42

Noir City Film Festival: Say what you will about Southern California, but always for sure say that we know noir. After all, the form has its double-crossing, detective-cool roots here, making it a true hometown genre. And several of those fedora-topped films'll screen at The Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood and The Aero Theatre in Santa Monica, starting on March 6. "Gilda," "The Devil Strikes at Night," and a number of other noir classics will step out of the shadows at the historic venue through March 15.

"The Art of the Brick": Finding a pair of LEGO bricks, sitting near each other on the coffee table? Please. You're so clicking them together. And then? You'll want to find more to keep clicking, making, dreaming. There are a lot of bricks currently on view at the California Science Center, thanks to this huge traveling show filled with brick-tastic artworks from artist Nathan Sawaya. You'll look at those, but there are a number of you-can-participate activities, too. Tickets? Time to click.

Free Tacos for Taco Tuesday: In terms of ideas that soothe us, Taco Tuesday has to be way, way up there. After all, it comes back around each week, near the start of the week, when we need our tacos most. To enhance this good feeling, and to be kind to our wallets, too, Acapulco Restaurant y Cantina is offering a free taco with any dine-in purchase every Tuesday in March. You'll need to say "taco" to snag that gratis goodie, oh, and it has to be 3 p.m. or later.

Free Night at Kidspace Children's Museum: If it is the first Tuesday of the month, you can count on this Pasadena gem to waive admission from 4 to 8 p.m. during Free Family Night. The theme for Tuesday, March 3? It's Art Nouveau, and there will be a special presentation at 6 o'clock. The evening also includes a host of activities, so plan on stopping by if this is an area of art you and your tots would like to know better. Where to find it? It's not far from the Rose Bowl, and arriving earlier during the free window is always a sound idea.

National OREO Day: (NOTE: This event has been cancelled.) Is the amount of Stuf occupying your OREO cookie a topic you return to, time and again, with your friends who are also obsessed with the classic confection? Now you can make your Stuf-based allegiances known by visiting Santa Monica Pier on March 6 and 7. A giant inflatable slide will be there, with five different lanes representing different Stufs, from minimal to all the Stuf. Slide down to make your vote, and snag a free cookie, too. Oh yes: And March 6 is National OREO Day.

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