This Week: Valentine's Day Fun

Love is in the air, and on the big screen, and at the Santa Monica Ferris wheel, too, as well as at Grand Park and LA Arboretum.

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Valentine's Day: February is pulling out all of its fanciful stops, from rocking an extra day in 2020 to placing the date-iest night of the year on a Friday. Where will you head with your hon? Street Food Cinema is screening "La La Land" at the Million Dollar Theatre, there's a screening of "Creature from the Black Lagoon" at the Natural History Museum, and music mavens'll gather for the free "Lover's Rock" party, with DJ Linafornia, at Grand Park. Love nature? LA Arboretum has a V Day night devoted to critter canoodling. And at the Pacific Wheel in Santa Monica? A live viola player will serenade riders.

Chug with a Pug: So you adore Pugs, and all sorts of furry critters, and you like a fine foam, too? Golden Road Brewing will welcome a cute, flat-snouted sweetheart into the brewhouse on Thursday, Feb. 13 for a night of adoptable animals and solid craft brews. As for helping out hounds needing home? Count on 15% of your bill going to The Animal Protectorates. Read more about this Valentine's Eve gathering which is full of Fido-fun heart.

Guided Bug & Wine Pairing: No worries and no stress if you're feeling done with the usual delightful dinners and boxes of chocolates associated with Valentine's Week. There is a different take on the holiday, on Valentine's Eve, and it involves sampling an array of insects, the sort of crunchy, protein-strong, multi-legged wonders that scurry about the natural world. Atlas Obscura is helming this one, which will take place in West LA on Feb. 13. Oh yes, and as the name suggests, vino is definitely involved.

Knott's PEANUTS Celebration: You've wanted to say hi to Snoopy, and to his brother Spike, too, and chortle with Charlie Brown and hangout with the rest of the characters from the world of Charles Schulz. But you can't make it to Knott's Berry Farm on a weekend, which is when the annual PEANUTS party is happening. What to do? Here's something happy: The celebration will happen on Feb. 14, a Friday, as well as Feb. 17, a Monday, if weekdays are easier for you. Yay? Yay. We're not yanking the football away on this one, either; it's really happening.

Pizzas Shaped Like Hearts: True story? Any pizza you order, on most any day of the year, will either be round or a rectangle. The occasional square makes a showing, yes, and ovals do, too, but hearts? Not a thing, unless the calendar reveals it is the middle of February. The popular CPK heart pizzas are returning for several days, and the shaping of the heart part is free (you'll purchase the pizza, yep). And if you're a Mountain Mike's maven? The chain is also offering heart-shaped pizzas to customers seeking to celebrate the day o' love with marinara, pepperoni, and crust.

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