Three California Science Center Rats Have a Tail to Tell

A trio of sweet-whiskered critters went on an in-museum adventure at the Exposition Park destination.

Senior Keeper Erin/California Science Center

What to Know

  • California Science Center is temporarily closed
  • Staffers continue to care for the many animals who reside at the Exposition Park museum
  • Find free programs, videos, and Virtual Field Trips on the California Science Center site

How did you spend Christmas Eve?

Was there baking involved, or the singing of carols, or the fast-and-dash wrapping of some last-minute gifts?

Many of our neighbors likely engaged in these exact activities just ahead of Christmas Day with a single goal in mind: Prepare for the big holiday.

But three bewhiskered, tail-rocking locals spent Dec. 24 having a museum adventure, all to celebrate their shared second birthday.

The sweet and small Southern Californians we're talking about? Oh be still our critter-loving hearts: Meet Remy, Rizzo, and Templeton.

The diminutive residents of the California Science Center just happen to be brothers, but better than that, they're "rat brothers," meaning they get to roll around in super-fun, see-the-world exercise balls.

Which they did in honor of their birthday, under the watchful eye of California Science Center staff members.

The adorable rats called upon the Exposition Park museum's Kelp Forest tunnel in honor of their special day, but things got even more celebratory once they reached the fishy spot.

For each of the brothers got their own tiny cake, which consisted of Cheerios, baby food, and two kinds of nuts (pine nuts and almonds, yum).

You can find a few fun photographs from their in-museum outing on the center's Facebook page.

Even if we can't run around in a human-sized, totally clear exercise ball inside the Kelp Forest tunnel, we can take inspiration from these furry littles and their fascinating field trip.

For while in-person field trips are on hold as 2021 begins, California Science Center is offering a host of Virtual Field Trips for students. Earth and Space sciences are on the docket, and several other exploration-rich areas.

Be like Remy, Rizzo, and Templeton, and set out to know the world, and all of its interesting elements, by starting here.

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