Thrill to Live Violin, on Valentine's, at the Pacific Wheel

Riders on the Santa Monica Pier Ferris wheel will enjoy live strings on the evening of Wednesday, Feb. 14.

What to Know

  • Wednesday, Feb. 14
  • $10 per person to ride
  • The holiday light displays will twinkle nightly from Feb. 9-14

"Be Mine"? Messages of ardent affection? Hearts and kisses and the iconography of Valentine's Day? Where do we tend to see such things when the 14th day of February draws near?

Typically, though not always, we'll encounter these sorts of sentiments and visuals when they're on the smaller side, as in the much smaller side. The heartfelt expression might appear on a wee candy heart or a greeting card or a piece of jewelry or atop a cupcake (where the sentiment is created by edible icing, of course).

But seeing such sweetness writ very, very large? On the side of a famous Ferris wheel? An attraction that boasts 174,000 LED lights, which lend a lot of illumination to the lovey-dovey words and pictures?

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It's an experience that can only happen at the Pacific Wheel, at Santa Monica Pier.

And riders of the iconic attraction, which is the planet's only solar-powered Ferris wheel, will be treated to bright hearts and other gooey Valentine's-y graphics over a few nights leading up to Valentine's Day, as well as after sundown on Wednesday, Feb. 14.

Graphics that'll be created, spectacularly, by those aforementioned LED lights.

That's not the only delightful holiday doing, though, at the Pacific Park-based wheel on the heartsiest day of the year.

Violinist Daniel Morris will serenade Pacific Wheel riders between 6 and 9 in the evening on Valentine's Day, lending further string-plucked emotion to an occasion that's already full of feeling.

The price to ride on Valentine's Day is ten dollars. That's per Valentine, as in person, just so you know.

So those red, white, and pink lights and charming holiday symbols? They'll be shimmering each night from Feb. 9 through 14.

Hearing the violinist while going 'round and around on the Pacific Wheel? That happens on Valentine's Day, in the evening, for three hours, wrapping at 9 o'clock.

Expressing your ardor for your own paramour in a memorable way? A Ferris wheel ride, one that's awash in Valentine's-style hues, could be just the tender ticket you seek.

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