Time to Sign up for the Great LA River CleanUp

It's year 30 for the mega volunteer effort, which annual helps to remove tons of trash from the urban waterway.

What to Know

  • April 13, 20, and 27, 2019
  • Three Saturdays
  • Various points along the river

And your spring cleaning alert is about to go off... now.

Or now? Maybe now. How about now?

Your alarm, the one that reminds you that this is the spring you're really, really going to face the hall closet, with no mercy, it is about to go off. Why? Spring is super-nigh and the moment for mondo tidy-a-tude has arrived.

Including at the Los Angeles River.

And while the birds and critters that call the river home don't have phones with alerts to remind them to clean their environs, humans do, which is why hundreds of humans show up at the river's banks each April to do some serious sprucing-up.

Those are the fabulous humans who will be participating in the 30th annual Great Los Angeles River CleanUp, which has spent three pitch-in decades pulling tons and tons of trash out of our urban waterway.

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Plastic bags and bottles and the occasional grocery cart are all on the trash finds list, as are some offbeat items, too.

In fact, the "River Treasures" pile is full of "what the..?" pieces of garbage, which invariably show up each year. Will you find one of those in 2019? If so, that is so, so 'grammable.

So, is that your time-to-clean alert going off? But maybe you're hankering to take on a bigger, community-nice clean job, in addition to the one inside your own home?

Sign-ups have opened for the Great Los Angeles River CleanUp, with three dates to choose from: April 13, 20, and 27, 2019. 

As with in years gone by, volunteers will show up at different parts of the river, on different Saturdays, so be sure to get all the information on where you'll need to be on what day.

Friends of the LA River is the group overseeing this awesome effort, so that's the org you'll check in with.

Doesn't it feel good to do some deep digging and bring something back closer to its original, shinier state?

Your hall closet is a start, but the LA River benefits all of us.

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