Time-Lapse Video Captures Sparkling LA's Fireworks Displays From Mount Wilson

"The Battle of Los Angeles" shows the region's fireworks displays in time-lapse from the San Gabriel Mountains

Fireworks photography can be hit or miss, often producing a blurry and underwhelming representation of a spectacle that's expected to deliver oohs and ahhs.

But instead of shooting skyward, a Southern California photographer tried a different perspective Monday night to create a dramatic time-lapse video that shows off a sparking Los Angeles from 5,000 feet. 

Aaron Keigher set up a camera on Mount Wilson, which provided a sweeping view of the region's many fireworks displays from the San Gabriel Mountains northeast of Los Angeles. The 40-second video is complete with the constant popping sounds of fireworks.

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"There must have been thousands upon thousands of fire works going off," Keigher, who enjoys landscape, cityscape, nature and wildlife photography, wrote in his Facebook post.

He titled the video, "The Battle of Los Angeles."

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