Tinseltown Fashion Show Recalls Vintage Travel Glamour

The Egyptian event is capped by a Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz classic.

Ask any hundred people if they think traveler fashion has gotten a mite casual in recent decades and we'll wager that you'll get a hundred consistent answers: yes.

Which tickles us no end. If everyone thinks everyone else is dressing down to go places, does everyone think that they themselves dress up?

Even the dressiest modern travelers among us, though, haven't got a thing on the voyagers of bygone eras. Those people dressed to go on planes and boats, from seamed stockings to well-stitched suits to coordinating gloves and beret.

Yeah, we didn't wear coordinating gloves and beret on our last airplane flight, either. No judgment.

But if a part of you longs to return to that day, you can, for a few hours, at The Egyptian. American Cinematheque is hosting a vintage fashion travel show plus a pop-up vintage boutique. Oh, and one of the best classic travel films ever: "The Long, Long Trailer" starring Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz.

Date is Sunday, Aug. 11; time is 2 p.m. for the fashion show, 3:30 p.m. for the movie. Cost: $11.

We like a good vintage fashion show, but one that is themed specifically to travel definitely appeals. Think of the golden age of passenger ships, of trains, of trolleys, of moving vehicles where one could rock a beret and matching gloves and feel perfectly sophisticated and not at all overly dressed.

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Trunks and period luggage pieces will also be part of the event. That's a big swoon. Who can say they don't love a retro avocado-colored suitcase, lined in plaid, with a tortoiseshell handle? That thing would be very easy to find on the airport carousel.

And, figure this: If you do make some finds for your vintage travel wardrobe during the event, you can always sashay your stuff at the Art Deco Weekend on the Queen Mary. That's Labor Day Weekend, and you can bet the vintage travel glam'll be out in full, fashionable force.

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