Memorial Day

Free Day at LACMA on Memorial Day

Music and performance from Bali and Java are part of the day, too.

Brant Brogran

Finding a family go-out on Memorial Day, after a Memorial Day parade, can be as simple as packing a picnic with all of the traditional patriotic holiday items -- lemonade, corn, and so forth -- and making for a grassy space in which to enjoy it.

One such grassy space is Hancock Park off the Miracle Mile, which sees a host of visitors hanging out on most days of the week ("hanging out"=walking the dog, visiting the tar pits, playing catch).

But many of those park visitors on Monday, May 30 will not be there solely to picnic but to enjoy the Los Angeles County Museum of Art for free.

As in, totally free. As in, you can stroll in and behold a beautiful painting, or 50 of 'em, without reaching for your wallet. As in, you'll pay nada, courtesy of Target, which is sponsoring the pay-no-admission day at the giant art museum, as it has over several holidays in the past.

Things to know?

1) The free admission extends to LACMA's permanent exhibits, but not the exhibits requiring a separate ticket (Rain Room, Light Reignfall, and so forth). If there's a wing you've missed on past visits, consider May 30 your day to make it up.

And second on the list? The Target Free Holiday Monday always arrives with an extra entertainment component. A dance presentation by Burat Wangi: CalArts Balinese Gamelan will happen twice around mid-day and early afternoon, and live music is part of the program. Times? They're here.

You don't need to pack a picnic -- restaurants are close at hand -- but if picnicking is part of your Memorial Day tradition, you've got an adjacent park to enjoy, before calling upon LACMA for your free holiday stroll-through.

Open time? The museum gates swing wide at 11 o'clock.

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