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Tour Walt Disney's Mansion While Helping Tomorrow's Visionaries Dream Big

Visit the storybook-y Los Feliz abode while raising funds for the Garner Holt Foundation; Disney royalty will be there, too.

Courtesy of Woking Way and Disney

What to Know

  • An Evening at the Walt Disney Mansion, a fundraiser for the Garner Holt Foundation
  • Saturday, April 29; $100 to $200 tours (timed, with various guides)
  • Tours will be led by the house's historian Dusty Sage, pioneering Disney Imagineer Tania Norris, Imagineering great Chris Crump (son of lauded Imagineer Rolly Crump), and Garner Holt, an icon in the field of animatronics

People who dream have a knack for dreaming just about everywhere they go: at the store, on a train, on a plane, visiting a park, or while on a walk.

But we'll wager that the most elaborate dreaming happens at home, the location where we spend so much time and specifically our dream-filled nights.

This is one of the many reasons that Walt Disney's Los Feliz home, beyond its straight-from-a-storybook appearance, is such a special place for so many fans: The entertainment legend did a lot of important dreaming here.

And getting the rare chance to roam this remarkable home while helping tomorrow's visionaries, the talented young people who will create the fanciful fun of the future, seems like a dream come true for Disney devotees, lovers of theme parks, and seekers of joy.

That's just what will happily happen on the final Saturday of April when the home will open for a series of tours, lively look-arounds which will raise money for the Garner Holt Foundation.

The give-back group, helmed by animatronics whiz Garner Holt, works to inspire "underserved youth throughout the community" through a series of engaging opportunities, events that "... increase hope, ignite the imagination, and inspire creativity in the lives of young people through hands-on, career-focused learning experiences in the areas of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics."

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Mr. Holt will be present for some of the tours, alongside Imagineer Chris Crump, the son of Imagineer Rolly Crump, the ultra-creative "kid" that helped to shape so many of Disneyland's obsessed-over attractions, including the Haunted Mansion.

Tania Norris, the acclaimed Imagineer who fashioned much of New Orleans Square's ethereal aura, and the Haunted Mansion's indelible atmosphere, too, will also lead an afternoon tour.

And Dusty Sage, the house's historian and engaging knower of all things Disney, will also lead some of the tours earlier in the day on April 29.

When booking your spot — the tours are $100-$200 per person, depending upon which you select — be sure to note who is leading your peek inside the private residence, should you desire a specific guide.

Something rather magical, or some might say "ensorcelled"?

While the Disney family left the Woking Way house over three-quarters of a century ago, it is true, as the event page suggests, that it feels as though they might have been there yesterday, playing in the little house in the backyard or reading in the Tudor-inspired living room.

Or, yes, even dreaming about something good to come.

It's this sort of dream-making that the Garner Holt Foundation encourages and one that all tour guests will sweetly support by attending the fanciful fundraiser at Walt Disney's beautiful Los Feliz mansion.

And speaking of the abode's stately Tudor overtones, if you've been to the Tam O'Shanter in Atwater Village, just a short drive from the Woking Way home, you may see charming similarities between one of Walt Disney's favorite restaurants and his longtime address.

Planning a meal at the Tam before or after your tour might just be the perfect way to complete your magical day.

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