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Treasures of the Waves: Surf Auction

Bid on beautiful boards and help the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Griff's Grooming & Barbering

Every wave rider has her stories, from the day when the swells were 10- (or 20- or 50-) feet high to the that one time a dolphin swam up close to that one afternoon they bested a barrel.

And every wave rider knows that boards come with stories, too. Surfboards have seen some action, even newer boards that have only ever touched water on a dozen occasions. 

But what of those treasures made of balsa wood or fiberglass and resin, the ones that have seen the decades and hundreds if not thousands of occasions out on the ocean? The tales to tell almost vibe off these boardly beauties. And many such gems will go up for auction at the Vintage Surf Auction on Saturday, Sept. 26.

The scene is not the sand, but rather a few miles inland, in Culver City. And while surfboards'll surely be some of the stars of the day, there shall be items and memorabilia associated with surfing and La Vida Beach on the block as well. 

The theme? "California Gold," so count on the auction-ready goodies to reflect that, in spirit. 

As for the aforementioned "stars" of the auction? About 40 to 50 surfboards'll go to the highest bidders, boards that had their foam-awesome heyday decades ago (the auction'll cover the 1920s to the '80s, generally, so, for sure, you're going to see boards with a ton of wayback-a-tude).

The auction supports to organizations, The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and The Surfing Heritage & Cultural Center. Griff's Grooming & Barbering is the day's host.

And no stress if you don't nab a big board; a silent auction will cover hundreds of items, so you may leave with something that has a few memories of being on, near, or about the Pacific.

Not that surfboards or surf memorabilia can actually tell stories, in the way we can hear them, but if you put your ear to a board, and listen very carefully, you might imagine the long-gone barrels and breakers of yore.

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