Trick-or-Treat Along the New (but Old) ‘Cemetery Lane'

The outdoor experience, created by the Midsummer Scream team, will land among the Victorian homes of Heritage Square Museum.

Alysia Gray Painter/Michael Moeller/EyeEm

What to Know

  • Oct. 27-31, 2021
  • Heritage Square Museum
  • Timed tickets start at $25; a special trick-or-treat bag is available for an additional fee

Truth: Things can simultaneously take on two vibes at once, and that seems especially accurate around the Halloween season.

A piece of candy can be both sweet and tart. A costume can be both frightful and funny. And wanting to watch a scary scene in a movie, through splayed fingers, but also not watch it at the same time?

Every fan of fright films has been there.

So when we say that something new is headed for an old place in late October 2021, you can certainly wrap your mind around the quirky concept. And that's exactly what's going to happen on Halloween, and the four nights that precede the holiday, when Cemetery Lane rolls into Heritage Square Museum.

The new part?

This is a fresh experience, one that summons the sweeter spirit of old-timey trick-or-treating. Cemetery Lane is from the creative minds behind Midsummer Scream, the mega Halloween expo, but rather than placing an emphasis on big eeks, the thrills are more of a gentle and spooky nature.

The older element?

If you know Heritage Square Museum, or have even driven by it, on the 110 Freeway, then you're familiar with its ye olde Victorian homes and buildings. These are authentic structures, not recreations, and the chance to trick-or-treat in such a picturesque spot seems like something out of a beloved family flick.

But that chance will be made real, each and every night, from Oct. 27 through 31, 2021.

Tickets went on sale on Sept. 15, and they're timed, meaning you can choose your night and what time you'd like to visit, whether that time is when the sun is still out or later, when the evening has grown dark and the shadows are long.

Lurk, er, look for 13 trick-or-treat locations in all, as well as several other atmospheric "surprises," the sort of spine-tingly but mostly sweet scenes that summon the spirit of Halloween without the terror.

In short: This is a trick-or-treating adventure born in the imagination, a nostalgia-centered event that draws on our quaintest memories and hauntiest, happiest Halloween daydreams.

Costumes? Of course you and your tots can dress up. Consider that there may be other characters about, in costumed grandeur, to add to the eerie atmosphere.

But will you be brave enough to approach the sort of Victorian abodes often seen in scary movies? It isn't often that a kid gets the chance to trick-or-treat at a house that seems like it could be on the cover of a spooky storybook.

Adding to the anticipatory factor is this: Trick-or-treating is traditionally a one-night-only kind of deal, but Cemetery Lane's candy-gathering fun begins a few evenings before Halloween officially arrives. Though, yes: Halloween night is an option you can choose, when you buy your ticket.

Are you ready to explore Cemetery Lane, which is taking the art of trick-or-treating to both a new-but-nostalgic level?

Tickets are limited, so haunt this page now and find out more.

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