‘Trick ‘r Treat' Maze to Terrify Halloween Horror Nights

Universal Studios Hollywood reveals the latest maze to join the 2018 line-up at its annual falltime fright fest.

What to Know

  • Opening Sept. 14, 2018; select nights through Nov. 3
  • Universal Studios Hollywood
  • Other mazes, including one inspired by "Stranger Things," will also play a part in the scary experience

So, yeah.

One minute you're watching a purple jacaranda blossom flutter to the ground, or you're pausing to sniff a rose, or you're watching a butterfly cavort with another butterfly, and then all of a sudden it is Halloween, out of nowhere, and you're finding yourself wandering the deepest reaches of your eeked-out mind.

Such is the delight, and thrilling shock to the system, that is the Maytime announcement of another Halloween Horror Nights maze.

For the famous mazes at one of the best-known scare-taculars around aren't announced just days ahead of the event's September opening, no sirree. 

We learn about them in spring, when we're at our highest level of blitheful unsuspectingness. Our hackles are not up, nor are we expecting people with jack o' lantern heads to pop up, willy-nilly.

But please do put that unsuspectingness aside, for the way-popular Universal Studios Hollywood event, which haunts thousands of visitors for several weeks beginning in the middle of September, has made its latest reveal: A maze based upon the 2007 frightener "Trick 'r Treat."

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If you loved the Legendary Pictures flick, then you're in for a terrifying treat this fall.

If it still haunts your dreams, well, you should grapple with that, ahead of Sept. 14, 2018, when Halloween Horror Nights debuts, taking over a spooky swath of the theme park for several nights each week, right through to Nov. 3.

What will you see from the cinematic anthology, which has become a staple on many fans' rewatch rosters each autumn?

Muster up your courage, enter the maze, and pay a visit the town of Warren Valley, Ohio, where many revelers will be out in costume. Some costumed characters may looking to make merry, others will seek to scare the wits out of anyone who crosses their trick-or-treating path.

Oh goodness. Where's a fluttering jacaranda blossom or butterfly when we need it?

Don't worry, Halloween buffs and lovers of all things HHN, for more maze announcements are soon to come from the sweat-producing, darkened-hallway'd extravaganza, which has been spooking eager-to-be-spooked visitors in both Hollywood and Orlando for over a quarter century.

And sit tight, grasping the nearest couch cushion for comfort if you must: Auditions to become a Halloween Horror Nights "scareactor" are really only a matter of weeks away.

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