Trilling is thrilling at ‘The Masters of Musical Whistling' competition

Don't blow past this impressive showdown: Pro whistlers will gather for a quirky contest that boasts real vibes.

The Masters of Musical Whistling

What to Know

  • The Masters of Musical Whistling
  • Sept. 22 through 24 at the Barnsdall Gallery Theater
  • Some competitions are free while other tickets begin at $15

Sharing several common features with our bird friends? Alas: We don't have as many points of intersection as we'd like.

Grow wings and fly, we humans cannot, nor do we boast pointy beaks, the sort of appendages that would surely come in handy at supper time.

And being able to perch on a high tree branch thanks to our claw-like grip? Sigh: We remain, quite sadly, talon-free.

But people can definitely purse their lips and whistle, much like our avian pals do, and like our sky friends, our whistling can create lyrical and lovely melodies.

And for those of us, at least here on the ground, who can whistle especially well? There is The Masters of Musical Whistling competition, which finds those people who are accomplished at making memorable mouth music on a major stage, going for glory.

The unusual and engaging competition returns for a three-day run at the Barnsdall Gallery Theater from Sept. 22 through 24.

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Tickets for some competitions are free, others have a fee, and there's a variety of compelling contests to check out, including the classical and live band competitions.

A self-accompaniment session will surely be a major draw, as will the session celebrating popular music.

The event includes three levels and five different divisions, so expect a wide range of whistling prowess to be on display. Oh yes: And a "Whistler's Karaoke Party" is an offbeat highlight.

And talk about good vibrations: The Masters of Musical Whistling is "the only whistling competition in the world to featuring a live band competition" for the elite participants.

Are you a whistler who is eager to show off your own vivacious vibrations? There's information on auditioning on this page.

Or do you simply want to take a seat and appreciate the vibe-tastic virtuosity displayed by these moxie-filled music-makers?

Secure your tickets now for this sweet-of-sound showdown, one that will take place over the final golden hours of summer and the first fanciful days of fall.

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