Palos Verdes Peninsula

Tropical Butterflies to Flutter at a New Outdoor Experience

SOAR flutters into South Coast Botanic Garden for a multi-month, fresh-of-air run.


What to Know

  • Palos Verdes Peninsula
  • "Up to $22" for non-members; Advance reservations necessary
  • April 1-July 31, 2021 (Monarchs will be featured at the fall event)

Your chances of spying something in flight, a wee wonder that boasts bright wings and a knack for knowing which blossoms rock the most delicious nectar?

It depends on where you're standing, but if you're in the immediate vicinity of a few flowering shrubs that happen to be located in the middle of a botanic garden, the opportunities to behold a butterfly, or several, are pretty plentiful.

But if "plentiful" is the word you prefer when it comes to butterfly-focused enjoyment, you'll want to flutter by an experience that is fully devoted to the kaleidoscopic critters.

And such an experience is ready to spread its wings at South Coast Botanic Garden, starting on the first day of April 2021.

It's called SOAR, and the Palos Verdes Peninsula-based happening will brim will all sorts of tropical butterflies.

In fact, tropical butterflies are the focus for this earlier-in-the-year iteration of SOAR, while Monarchs will star in the falltime festival, which flies from Aug. 1 to the end of November.

Something as sweet as nectar?

You'll have four months to savor this splendid showing of butterfly bounty: It all opens on April 1 and wraps its wings on July 31.

At the lovely heart of the happening? A "newly built pavilion," one that encourages an airy meeting between on-the-ground humans and in-the-air insects.

"Your SOAR ticket allows you to enter the pavilion, but the experience begins outside with our new garden area featuring a portion of our spring superbloom, butterfly-attracting flowers, and other pollinators," says a statement on the site.

"Throughout the experience you'll see butterflies in every stage of the life cycle."

"Once inside the pavilion, you'll have the opportunity to watch them in their natural habitat, and, if you're lucky, have a personal encounter with one! Most important, every step of the way you can learn all about these beautiful insects while having an experience to remember."

And if you're a member of the garden? SOAR-sweet perks abound, so check them out before purchasing your advance ticket.

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