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Trot for Your Brew at the Zoo Tickets Now

It's popular, it's filled with food and tunes, and it all happens on the first Friday in August.

What to Know

  • Friday, Aug. 3
  • LA Zoo & Botanical Gardens
  • $65 in advance online

The arrival of summer on the 21st day of June? Southern Californians are firmly aware of this seasonal fact, let it be known.

We have the awesome, education-filled presenatations at Griffith Observatory to tell us so, and our calendars, and various apps, and our friends, and, yes, our memories, too.

But with June Gloom still glooming-up our SoCal mornings in the later part of the month, it can seem as if spring has come to stay.

Spring, however, is absolutely on its way out as of the Fourth of July 2018, if it even lingered beyond the summer solstice.

For we are now in the seventh month, and the first summer heat wave is on its temperature-raising way, and the time is nigh to find warm-weather good times.

And one of the good-times-iest of all, for the 21-and-over set, is the ever-popular Brew at the LA Zoo, an annual whoop-di-doo at the Los Angeles Zoo & Botanical Gardens. It's now less than a month out — Friday, Aug. 3 is the 2018 date — and tickets are on sale, if you and your brew-appreciating buds want to attend.

And lots of people usually do, so best score one of those $65 advance tickets, online, well ahead of the date, if you want to make sure you have a way to go.

What can you expect from the evening-sweet suds soirée?

Five-ounce tastes from over 40 breweries, is the hops-scented headline, but that's just the brewful beginning of the party. Animal discovery stations are a favorite of attendees, as are the live music acts and "pub-style grub" available for purchase.

And will keepers be around, all to talk about critter-cool topics? Oh yeah, count on it.

A few tidbits to keep in mind? Most of the animals are tucked up by nighttime, as is their way, so plan on seeing a few fascinating beasties at the keeper talks or animal discovery stations, and not around the larger zoo.

There are also special Designated Driver tickets, for $35 each, and that particular admission includes "unlimited soft drinks."

All of this hopsy roof-raising is solely for revelers who are 21-plus, as mentioned, so tuck that important information in your pocket, the same pocket where you'll stow some extra cash, as parking is free at the event.

Summer is here, good people of Southern California, really and truly, and if you dig trying new libations from a host of breweries, dig this: You can buy your ticket to Brew at the LA Zoo.

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