Try Now for Dozens of Free Sprinkles Cupcakes in 2018

This could be your frosting-flavorful sign that the new year will be highly auspicious (and delicious).

What to Know

  • Must be a Sprinkles Perk Program member
  • Buy something at a Sprinkles between Dec. 1 and 12
  • Winners will be notified on Dec. 14

The first of December is typically a time when people open the first little window on their advent calendars, if they like using advent calendars to count down the days to Christmas (and, of course, if they remember to do so, which doesn't always happen, meaning you're opening like four windows on Dec. 4, which is kind of fun, too).

Inside those windows? You might find illustrations, or ornaments, or quotes. Some modern advent calendars, though, are filled with foodstuffs, from fine chocolates to small bottles of spirits to miniature doughnuts.

It's a tempting way to mark time, in short. If marking time in this manner appeals, then surely ticking off the months of 2018 by how many Sprinkles Cupcakes you've gobbled will surely also pique your frosting-centered, cake-based interests.

And that's just want's going to happen for several lucky people in the coming weeks, for the "world's first cupcake bakery" will treat "one lucky customer" at each of its locations to free cupcakes throughout 2018. 

Now hold up, excited cupcakers: It isn't a free cupcake each day, but rather up to a dozen a month, which seems like a sensible thing, though the fact that you'll have gone home with 144 cupcakes by the close of 2018 seems not sensible as all but totally fabulous and even a little wild, if eating copious amounts of quality dessert items seems a little wild to you.

The must-knows? You have to be a member of the Sprinkles Perks Program to try for this giveaway.

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You should also buy something from a Sprinkles location between Dec. 1 and 12, 2017, to enter. And "(e)ach visit will count as a different entry," so hurrah to that.

The famous cupcakery suggests stocking up on noshable goodies before the holidays go into full goodie-laden gear.

If you're a winner? You'll find out on Dec. 14, you lucky, lucky lover of cakey confections.

But if you're not fully down with devouring 144 cupcakes over the course of 2018 — and, yes, we're joshing, because we know you'll kindly share with your nearest and dearest, won't you — you can get raise your icing-obsessed spirits on Dec. 15, which is National Cupcake Day.

How? Be in line early at your local Sprinkles, and be person #1 through #50, and be delighted when the Sprinkles staffer at the counter hands you a free Strawberry Sprinkles Cupcake.

It's not free cupcakes for a year, but it is one free cupcake, on a specific day, and that is both auspicious and delicious, if you're looking for positive signs of good things to come in the new year.

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