Turkey & Gravy Potato Balls Have Returned to Porto's, Oh Happy Day

Thanksgiving in three bites: The decadent orbs are filled with the savory flavors of the season.

Porto's Bakery

What to Know

  • Turkey & Gravy Potato Balls are available at Porto's Bakeries & Cafés and through Porto's Bake at Home (shipping nationwide)
  • The decadent deep-fried balls are filled with a trio of Thanksgiving favorites, plus fresh sage, white wine, and spices
  • $18.99 for one dozen ("unbaked/frozen") via Porto's Bake at Home

The Potato Ball is a locally loved food, as dear to people's hearts as The Donut Man's strawberry-filled pastries and the date shakes you find (and drink in six serious slurps) on your way to the desert.

Porto's Bakery & Café is the ultimate place to find these orbs of eating excellence, of course, and you can do so in Buena Park, Burbank, and the oldest Porto's, the one in Glendale, as well as the other locations.

When a foodstuff is so important to a city, you kind of want it to remain just as is, forever and ever. And yet? Special occasions do have a notable way of returning, each and every year, and our hankerings can change with the calendar.

This all means one appetizing thing: There is a holiday version of the classic Potato Ball, and it reappears each fall, a few weeks ahead of Thanksgiving.

So hello again, Turkey & Gravy Potato Ball, another orb of eating excellence that has a certain savory spice-a-tude.

These three-bite (okay, four or five bites, if we want to relish the experience) temptations include the potato purée that Potato Ball buffs know so well, but there are holiday-esque additions to consider.

The turkey is one, yes, and a gravy made from porcini mushrooms. White wine, sage (an ultimate November flavor), and mirepoix complete the perfect potato-y picture, and a panko crust, too.

These deep-fried favorites are often served as appetizers or snacks before the main course, but people have also grouped a couple together, with a salad or side, and called it a delicious dinner.

Which is all to say you can enjoy them any time, as long as they are available, and not just on Thanksgiving Day.

They're at the local bakeries and you can find them through Porto's Bake at Home, too, which will ship them unbaked and frozen nationwide.

The cost? It's $18.99 for a dozen.

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