TV Fans, Get Pumped: PaleyFest 2018 Makes Its First Reveals

Actors and creatives from "The Good Doctor," "Stranger Things," and "Will & Grace" will take the stage at the lauded behind-the-scenes event.

What to Know

  • March 16 through 25, 2018
  • Dolby Theatre
  • Tickets for the general public go on sale Jan. 12

Television viewing around the first or second week of December?

It can very often revolve around whether you'll watch The Grinch do his grinchy thing first, or you'll put Rudolph on, all to see if he indeed leads Santa's sleigh, or if you'll go straight to "A Christmas Carol," be it the one with the Muppets or a non-Muppet-y version or both.

"Both," by the way, is the correct answer.

But for PaleyFest fans? The part of their brains devoted to quality television can hum and buzz in different ways come early December, for that's typically when the early reveals are first made, the reveals involving which TV shows will appear at the lauded and long-running actor-filled festival.

So prepare to buzz and hum over the first three shows on the reveal slate, hits all, major pop culture forces all, and series that will surely bring in devotees from around SoCal and beyond. 

"The Good Doctor," "Stranger Things," and "Will & Grace" will all play a part of the Q&A-centered festival, The Paley Center for Media announced on Thursday, Dec. 7.

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The 35-year-old festival will land again at The Dolby Theatre in Hollywood.

The exact dates? While this trio isn't necessarily going to fill out the first three nights of the festival — just keep in mind that these are the first three reveals, not the first three dates of the multi-night event — the whole festival will run from March 16 through 25, 2018.

Which means there are a buncha-buncha shows to come, some very new, some classic, as is the PaleyFest tradition.

And, yes: Many actors appear, and sometimes (and often) the whole principal cast will be there, on stage, along with the people who make the show. If you dig a series, then, you will definitely see some of the stars you adore, live and in person.

As for tickets? There are a few early pre-sale dates, for Citi cardmembers and members of The Paley Center for Media, so read all. If you're holding out for general tickets, those will be available on Jan. 12, 2018 at 9 in the morning.

But note: Buzzier shows, or hotter shows, or series that boast especially intense fandoms, will sell out in a jiffy.

Explore your ticket options, then, if you have your heart set on seeing the cast from your most favoritest show ever, live and on stage, talking about their characters, plotlines, and where the story is headed next.

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