Twinkle, Twinkle, Make-at-Home Star Puppet

The Bob Baker Marionette Theater shared a way to recreate a paper version of Demi Star, one of the troupe's most-loved characters.

Bob Baker Marionette Theater

What to Know

  • Bob Baker Marionette Theater (temporarily closed)
  • At Home Happiness projects for families
  • The Demi Star video tutorial is free; a few craft items are needed

We could all use a little star power right about now.

And if you're finding that starry sweetness by staring up at the clear night sky nowadays, or revisiting a favorite movie star's best films, or simply reconnecting with the superstars in your own life, be they near or far, well, twinkle on.

There's another way to find that fanciful shine, and it is a sweet and nostalgic one, especially if you've got youngsters in your crew.

For the Bob Baker Marionette Theater just shared a fast video tutorial focused on Demi Star, one of the history-laden landmark's best-known and most enduring characters.

If you know Demi Star, and, Bob-Bakerians, we're going to guess you definitely do, then you know Demi's full and proper name is Demitrius Nova Twinklestar the Third.

But the jovial character doesn't put on airs, and referring to him as "Demi Star" is perfectly acceptable and not at all rude.

The tutorial?

It's a quick one, and your at-home version of Demi will involve white cardboard, a paper bag, and other crafty items.

Easy-peasy, emphasis on "easy," so while your own take on the character won't be three-dimensional, like the Demi Star you've seen in the Highland Park theater, you and your tots will certainly make a completely cute version, we predict.

Eager to burnish your own puppetry skills during the stay-at-home time? There are other "At Home Happiness" tips and tutorials from the merry marionetters behind Bob Baker, a glad-hearted gift to our community.

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