Ugly Christmas Sweater Doughnuts Are Now a Thing

Randy's Donuts has 'em, lovers of colorful confections. Also available in the local doughnut shops? Hanukkah Rounds, on the shelves through Dec. 18.

Randy's Donuts

What to Know

  • Ugly Christmas Sweater Donuts are $2.80 each and available through Dec. 31
  • Hanukkah Rounds are $2.80 each and available through Dec. 18
  • The newest Randy's Donuts opened in Torrance on Dec. 1, 2020

While we sometimes can accidentally taste a stray thread or piece of yarn from the sweater we're pulling over our head, especially if we're donning the sweater rather hastily, we all know this true fact: You don't snack upon sweaters, even if they look cute enough to eat.

And the cutest of all sweaters, at least according to those people who love garish garb and kitschy clothes, is the one that turns up in December with loads of glitter and glitz intact: the Ugly Christmas Sweater.

For this staple of office holiday parties and fun family get-togethers is typically quite loud, quite colorful, and as dazzingly decorated as a particularly eye-popping doughnut.

Which means, of course, that eventually doughnuts would start to mimic the merry spirit found in this oh-so-seasonal sweater.

You can bake your own Ugly Christmas Sweater Doughnuts at home, provided you have about a dozen different showy, snackable toppings to absolutely pour onto the doughnuts' gooey glazy exteriors.

Or you can head to your local Randy's Donuts during the month, where Ugly Christmas Sweater goodies are now available, for $2.80 a pop.

A plethora of red, green, and white sprinkles give this stand-out sweet its notice-me appearance.

And once you buy your Ugly Christmas Sweater Doughnut? The next thing to do is to eat it while actually wearing an Ugly Christmas Sweater, we say.

Because if you get any doughnut crumbs or toppings on the front of your jolly jumper, well, who will ever know?

If this sprinkled spin on the holiday wearable isn't for you, and you'd rather find a few treats for Hanukkah, Randy's has those, too, through Dec. 18.

It's the Hanukkah Round, a raspberry-filled yummy that pays tasty homage to the traditional sufganiyot, a favorite during the Festival of Lights.

Keep in mind that in-shop dining is currently closed, but doughnuts are available for takeout and delivery.

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