Umami Burger Is Opening Five New ‘Virtual Kitchens'

Three just debuted, with two more on the way. What does this mean? Those famously savory eats (mmm, Cheesy Potato Tots) are now more "widely available."

Umami Burger

What to Know

  • The company just established three virtual kitchens in Westchester, Westwood, and Beverly Hills
  • Virtual kitchens in Venice and Brentwood will open in January 2021
  • Delivery available through Doordash, GrubHub, Postmates, and UberEats from noon to 10 p.m. daily

The intriguing notion of a virtual kitchen, or a "ghost kitchen," if you prefer the more atmospheric nickname, predates the pandemic, though it might, at first glance, seem to be a development that began to flower, in innovative earnest, in 2020.

The virtual kitchen, in short, helps a restaurant outfit to grow its business into fresh areas of a city, all to help get its signature eats to the fans who may not live close to the eateries' established brick-and-mortar locations.

And if you're a maven of Cheesy Potato Tots, Short Rib Sliders, and a line-up of luxe burgers topped with everything from truffle to pickled peppers, prepare to be pleased: Umami Burger is expanding its virtual kitchen outlook.

Really expanding, for a trio of delivery-read kitchens just debuted in Beverly Hills, Westwood, and Westchester.

There are two more to come, too, and soon: Brentwood and Venice are next on the Umami wish list, with openings expected in January.

Again, these won't be restaurants you'll go sit and sup at (and, indeed, indoor and outdoor dining is temporarily on hold as 2020 ends).

Rather, if you're in one of the cities or nearby, it will be easier and quicker to enjoy your Umami Burger at home.

The locally founded burger company, which finds its inspiration in the richness of umami or "the fifth taste," is employing C3 in its new ventures, the mobile delivery and virtual kitchen platform founded by hospitality powerhouse SBE.

New menu items are ahead to celebrate the new virtual kitchens, and artist collaborations, too.

Of course, if you're looking for the super-savory patties you've loved since the company's 2009 launched, you're in luck: The Umami Burger, in all of its variations, remains the spotlight offering for the acclaimed bastion o' burgerdom.

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