Underwood Is Shipping Healthy Harvest Boxes

The Moorpark farm has plenty of produce, and you can find out what's in the box before you buy.

Underwood Family Farms

What to Know

  • Underwood Family Farms
  • Healthy Harvest Box (delivered via FedEx)
  • $45

Calling upon Underwood Family Farm in the springtime?

You know you're going to see lots of downy chickies, and some bouncing goats, and field after field of leafy green things.

But the statewide Stay-at-Home measure, in response to COVID-19, means that many of those seasonal sights that Southern Californians do love will need to be enjoyed via photographs and memories, at least for now.

There is a way, though, to help the much-loved farm, which is also known for its family-fun spring and fall festivals, during this time, and to get some very fresh produce delivered to your door.

How? By ordering an Underwood Family Farms Healthy Harvest Box.

The box, which can brim with goodies like berries, citruses, and various greens, can be delivered via FedEx overnight, if you're hoping to make a dish tomorrow involving some of the fabulous fruits or vegetables they're currently growing.

So how do you find out what is in the weekly box? A new list is posted every Monday. Current items include artichokes, potatoes, and cabbage, oh yum.

And while customization isn't offered just yet, it may be down the road, revealed Suzannah Underwood, marketing manager for the farm.

Concerned about supply? "We have plenty of produce!" says Ms. Underwood, adding that the farm, by necessity, must always plan ahead in terms of crops and what's growing when.

Take a look at what's in this week's box, and check back on Monday to see what new things might be in the delicious and healthy mix.

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